Book Title: Hawaii with Kids
Recommended by Conde Nast Traveler
Open Road Publishing
by Rachel Christmas Derrick
Page 132
An Intimate Look at Maui

There's nothing like getting to know Maui through the eyes of a photographer. With Open Eye Tours, Makawao, Tel. 808-572-3483,, you and your family can have a private, customized adventure that you'll never forget. Barry "Pono" Fried, an outdoorsman, certified SCUBA diver, language teacher, and musician as well as a published photographer, loves getting children of all ages involved in the fun whether he is leading visitors to the island's most popular spots or to nooks and crannies they might never find on their own.

He might show the kids how to play his 'ukulele, string a lei, or fashion a fish from a palm frond. While sampling poha berries and bananas during a wooded hike, you might learn all about edible plants used for healing. As you examine the ancient remains of heiau (Hawaiian temples) and petroglyphs (rock carvings,) Barry might tell intriguing Hawaiian legends. If you're lucky, he might even let your kids feed the hens, chickens, or rabbits on his farm, where he grows his own herbs and vegetables. A long-time resident, Barry shares his infectious passion for Maui as he guides you to refreshing swimming holes, craggy deserts, dramatic shorelines, hidden waterfalls, misty rain forests, and rugged mountain trails. When he takes vacationers to his favorite artists' studios, crafts shops, and handsome mansions, he seems as excited as if he too were seeing them for the first time.

Not only will Barry teach you Hawaiian words, chants, and songs, but you can even brush up on your French or Spanish as you wander through some of Maui's most spectacular settings. No worries about your family's designated photographer being left out of your photo album. You'll have plenty of pictures of your entire family since Barry is always happy to shoot the whole gang against the most dramatic backdrops.