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See, hear, and experience things that no other tour on Maui gives you with Maui's Premier Private Guide

Maui’s Master Private Guide since 1983, Celebrating 40 years!

Enjoy your favorite day in Paradise with a One of a Kind Custom Private Tour

Explore spots where tour vans and buses can’t go, and capture photos in beautiful settings which you may at times have all to yourself!

Tours enhanced by site-specific narrative,  including chants, music, legends,  and a cultural/environmental/educational focus: Hawaiian nature, history, local people, wildlife, bird watching,  sacred sites & storied places, hidden villages, beaches, waterfalls, rainforests, ranches, gardens, farms, food, breathtaking views!

Proud Member of The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Proud Member of The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame

Tour Highlights

Visit seldom-seen sights not found in guide books and where the tour buses can’t access, as well as more popular areas, and gain an understanding of their significance.

Capture photos in beautiful settings which you may at times have all to yourself, and let Pono take photos with you in them so you can relax.

100% customized private tour itineraries with generous pre-tour consultation & planning for your interests & logistics.

Long-time alliances may help you meet locals on their terms in their environment.

You’ll learn from the inspiring, meaningful interpretation by your enthusiastic, seasoned & entertaining Master Guide, Pono. He’s been passionate about sharing Maui since 1983.

All tours are with or without walking, tailored to your preferred activity level and special needs, creating an unforgettable, fulfilling day.

Unique farm-to-table fruit tasting from guide’s own organic farm; enjoy some authentic Hawaiian foods, fresh home-baked goods,  a variety of beverages, and more.

Meet Your Guide, Pono.

With 40 plus years guiding credit, Pono is a resident teacher with Hawaiian cultural immersion, and is fully credentialed/insured (including PUC license, Commercial Auto, Commercial Liability.) Top resort and guide book references.

Pono has decades of professional teaching experience to draw on, with hands-on experiences available for kids and all interested; a Master’s Degree in Education; is Multi-lingual (Fluent in English & French; Conversational Spanish, Japanese, Hawaiian.)

He’s well-traveled, can relate to people from all walks of life, and he has never repeated an exact tour in 40 years! The level of personalization provided is second to none. Each journey is co-crafted with you as he truly listens to ensure your goals are met.

Happy Customers

“”Pono” means rightness and balance, optimistic and full of hope. So befitting of our journey with Pono.

Close your eyes, and soak in the true soul of tranquil island music and authentic Hawaiian language, drift in the fragrance of ambrosial pikake, savor the burst of unique tropical tastes from homegrown island fruit, let your wholistic self discover surprisingly wondrous vistas that rival anything seen before ”

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“Halfway to Hana with Pono….one of a kind!

ALOHA! My three sisters-in-law, 7-year-old niece, and 15-year-old daughter recently toured with Pono Fried and Open Eye Tours during the 8-hour “Halfway to Hana” tour. Spectacular experience, one that suited the interests and expectations of all! ”

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“…an incredibly fun and personal tour…He made us feel safe and well cared for the entire time…both authentic and personal…an unforgettable experience.”

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“We were able to just stop and soak in the majesty of a part of the island I would have never seen.  We tried fresh picked fruits from his own garden that we would have never tried before!  Delicious!”
“You outdid yourself !! You are quite an artist and deeply sensitive to the beauty of life.  We shall not forget you !! “
“He gives a very personalized tour after exploring his clients wishes and interests and any concerns.  It was so much easier to travel this remarkable area of Maui in his comfortable vehicle than if we had attempted it on our own.”

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We have been to Maui a number of times and like to explore off the beaten track; despite our prior explorations, we spent the whole day visiting places we had never seen, interspersed with traditional Hawaiian activities.”

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“The customization of the tour made us feel like we were getting to see the side of Maui we wanted to, not simply the overpopulated tourist traps. It was an amazing experience…”

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Pono never disappoints!  Well – he did it again. We went back to Maui and of course had to spend a day with Pono.”
 Memorable and enriching customized tour for all five senses! I highly  recommend Pono for a truly unique sensory and cultural experience which you’ll remember with a big warm smile! “

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“He engaged everyone from age 10 up to 52. Although he wasn’t born on Maui, his love and respect of the culture are genuine. There was never a dull moment…”

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“Pono truly is an excellent guide with extensive knowledge of the island, the people and the varied environments that exist. And we always felt safe as he carefully navigated the hilly and winding road to Hana.,

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Ready To Book A Tour?

Experience the beauty, wonders & magic of Hawai’i: Tour with Pono Fried, Open Eye Tours, an LLC (recipient of Trip Advisor’s Certificate of Excellence,) for refreshing, unique fun! Providing outstanding service with Aloha since 1983!

Maka’ala is how you would say “Open Eye” in Hawaiian.  Maka’ala also means alert, watchful, vigilant, wide awake, to be aware, to attend to vigilantly. May your eyes be opened!


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