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Halfway to Hana with Pono….one of a kind!

ALOHA! My three sisters-in-law, 7-year-old niece, and 15-year-old daughter recently toured with Pono Fried and Open Eye Tours during the 8-hour “Halfway to Hana” tour. Spectacular experience, one that suited the interests and expectations of all! OUR EXPERIENCE: We enjoyed discovering Maui with Pono, a local of 30 years that truly loves the island and knows so much about its beautiful history, customs, and culture. Pono also know’s the “ins and outs” of places unknown to tourists and big tour companies, and customizes the trip down to the finest detail to fit your group’s specific interests and needs, which makes it a very personal experience. He goes out of his way to be welcoming and hospitable. He also will share with you delicious island fruit taken straight from his garden, fresh-baked banana bread from his kitchen, and other fresh treats made by locals. We definitely got our fill of island food!! HIGHLIGHTS: Stunning black sand and volcanic rock beaches, refreshing waterfalls, exotic plants and foliage, spectacular views, musical instruments, songs, and stories about the native people of Maui (ask him to serenade you and play his nose flute!), a delicious lunch complete with famous Maui pork sandwiches and shave ice, and the amazing finale with a front-row view of 77 sea turtles on the beach at sunset (to name just a few of our adventures). NOW IT’S YOUR TURN: This experience was certainly one of the biggest high-points of our trip, for all ages, so we encourage you and your family and friends to give Pono a shout so you can experience Maui in your own special way. Mahalo, Pono!! Me ka mahalo nu, McGuire Sisters in Law from Indiana, Oregon, and Texas

-Kerry M.

“Pono” means rightness and balance, optimistic and full of hope. So befitting of our journey with Pono.

Close your eyes, and soak in the true soul of tranquil island music and authentic Hawaiian language, drift in the fragrance of ambrosial pikake, savor the burst of unique tropical tastes from homegrown island fruit, let your wholistic self discover surprisingly wondrous vistas that rival anything seen before. Now wrap these up with insightful stories, by Pono, the charismatic guide of Open Eye Tours. We wanted an experience, not a commonplace tour. Something customized to our individual taste, not something from a travel brochure. Something that gave us a unique perspective, something spiritual. Pono does his homework with care and genuine interest. Prior to our excursion, Pono personally called to engage in a discovery process of our likes/dislikes, interests, activity-level, tastes, and expectations. His respect for the island is testament to his gracious and savoir-faire approach to sharing its extraordinary gifts with us. Thank you Pono, for giving us a total experience, and a lifetime memory that is bound to surface in our mind’s eye, whenever and wherever we are.

-Kathy K.

“The tour you gave us of your beautiful island home, Maui, was amazing…” 
Geri Brewster 
(To read the rest of this customer’s comments, click here)“I’ve been to Maui several times, but loved learning new things and seeing new, sacred places. Great delving deeper into Hawaiian culture. Barry is a great guide!” 
Matt Link
New York, NY
We have gone on three excursions now…What made each… memorable for us… was Barry’s generosity of spirit, and his ability to make us feel like we were the most important people on Maui.” 
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“I visited Maui for a week in October with my elderly parents and younger sister. I wanted a private tour guide so I could customize a couple days of sightseeing trip for my family. I feel incredibly lucky that I hired Pono’s tour services! Pono is extremely knowledgeable about Hawaiin history, culture, cuisine, sights. Pono welcomed us with fresh plumeria leis and got us handpicked exotic organic fruits from his farm as part of a lavish picnic lunch he packed for us. He was extremely polite and caring toward my parents and adjusted the pace of the tour accordingly. During our drives he kept us engaged with stories, often breaking into a local song or a chant! We saw quite a few sights (some off the beaten path), including a japanese monastry, a small black sand beach, a church of lady fatima, lahaina, tropical rainforest valley of the kings, road to hana, honus (turtles) coming out to the beach for the night…one of the most incredible sights I have witnessed…35+ huge turtles appearing out of the water…an image etched in my mind forever. In fact, we have tons of photos as he was always ready to take pictures so my whole family could be in them.

It doesn’t really get better than this! Next time when you are in Maui, do spend a day or two touring with Pono. You’ll create a lifetime of memories!” 
Monica K.
Fremont, CA

“Peaceful, knowledgeable, appreciative..remote waterfall and meeting your Auntie in the Taro patch…the mythology; info. about the plant life, tasting the nuts, berries, fruits…
You provided us with a very informative awe-inspiring experience. Your very pleasant disposition and patience made us at ease the entire time. You have such charm! Pono- thank you, this was a very wonderful experience. I will never forget it!” 

Irene Dutch
Clifton, NJ
  “If there is only one thing you do on your Hawaiian vacation, this is it! You will be fulfilled on every level of seeing a new culture. Barry’s car is cool and comfy, too. Barry was the ultimate guide for us!! We learned a lot, saw a lot and enjoyed every minute of our day with Barry; he was funny, warm and personable. We felt like we already met him. We highly recommend this adventure! Happy, amazed, educated.”
Cathy Warlich
New Canaan, Connecticut
“This tour was the best thing that happened to us during our stay in Maui, the highlight…”
La Famille Alireza
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 

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  “What Barry gave us was worth more than money can buy… Barry is one of those rare people one finds while traveling who knows instinctively what his clients need and want, and is able to carry through with them from the time they are picked up to the last fond farewell.” 
Jack and Judy Witt
Ashland, VA 

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“Thank you again, Barry for a wonderful trip! Breathtaking views!! Totally in awe! Loved all info. you gave us. So interesting to hear the myths/stories. It was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and the kids have not stopped talking about you or the tour! Yours was the best, the best of everything.
Your tours were so special and I know we couldn’t have seen and done all this without you! Thanks for the truly beautiful memories, Barry, and hope to see you again for another trip….” 

Laura and Ed
(Kipahulu 2007; Big Island 2009) 
(for more pictures, please click here.)

“We had a great day with you…it was worth the time we spent. I for one was glad I was not doing the driving. You asked what was the best part of the tour and now that I have had time to think about it, I would tell you that what enhanced the day were: the short diversions off the “path” into the subdivisions, the farm, the blow hole. We would not have gotten to these ourselves. Listening to the commentary, including the chants, help put things in perspective and give a fuller understanding of the true Maui, not the resort vision. Also since you knew where the waterfalls and other scenic opportunities were and could tell us what we were looking at when all we saw were trees, we did not miss out or spend time backtracking. The fried breadfruit was a lucky addition.

Last night we went to the Luau. Because of the time spent with you and your stories along with the musical instrument demonstrations both Karen and I felt we enjoyed and understood what was going on much more than we would have without our time with you and therefore you enhanced that experience too (a twofer).

Thank you for sharing your Maui with us, Aloha.”
Ray and Karen Collins

“My father and I went on an all day tour and hike with Pono on the last day of our 10 day trip to Maui. I thought my vacation had ended and this was the winding down day of the trip, but boy was I wrong. Greeted early in the morning with a fresh homemade lei at the hotel, it was the start to an incredible day and the best day of my trip in Maui! The sites were amazing, the hiking was adventurous yet friendly for all, the destinations were secluded and off the map, and Pono’s story telling and knowledge of the island was second to none. Had we not gone on this tour and hike with Pono, I can officially say that my trip wouldn’t have been complete. You get to see, hear, and experience things that no other tour on the island takes you to, much less even knows about! Did I mention that Pono brings all of his on fresh snacks and meals? Yea, you heard me right. When was the last time you went on a hike and got to try 9 different fruits that were picked fresh that morning and had Taro chips that were made fresh for the hike? Not to mention, the homemade coconut pudding and the fresh cherimoya were the best two foods I had on the island. Overall, this is a MUST do while in Maui. I went snorkeling, had a helicopter ride over the waterfalls and volcanoes, went on two different days of incredible hiking, saw the sunrise above Haleakala, and none of those were even in the same category of fun and excitement as the tour with Pono. I can’t wait for my next trip to Maui so I can spend another couple of days with Pono and learn every single thing that beautiful island has to offer. Thanks Pono! You made my vacation!”
David Traxler III
Jackson, Mississippi

“After the tour, I felt aware, awed, accommodated…legends, jokes, history stand out most in my mind…Strongly agree the tours were enjoyable, amount of info. Met my needs and interests; would recommend an Open Eye Tour to others traveling to Hawai’i…Overall, the value was excellent; pace was just right.”
Joseph and Ruth Hohenstein,
Perkasie, PA

“Our entire family totally enjoyed the tour of the rain forest and ancient temple. The views were spectacular and breathtaking.”
L. Donadeo,
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“…Wonderful, amazed, enlightened, happy, peaceful. Best day of our trip by far! We asked to see places no tourist would know about – it was amazing, no one else was there! The knowledge of plants & flowers – great! We ate plants & picked guava, had a picnic on a mountain. He gave us leis at the start and played his ukulele for us. And best of all, we were both in all our pictures! His extra gifts & snacks were also a plus. We signed him on to drive us at the rental agency & we sat in the back of our car & he chauffered us around like royalty! The only complaint – it had to end.”
Scott & Emily Rudicel
Westfield, IN

(comment card after tour)

“Barry, My wife, Emily, and I would like to thank you SO MUCH for the amazing day we had in Maui! What a wonderful honeymoon it was in Paradise, but the day spent with you on one of your Open Eye Tours was by far the best. Showing us all of those amazing places, with nobody else around, was so spectacular! It was like we had our own private swimming holes and waterfalls just for us! And the most amazing thing of all, on the most amazing day of our trip, was our Hawaiian wedding ceremony on top of the mountain. You, sir, are a most wonderful human being, and the attention and detail you put forth towards making our tour one-of-a-kind was truly admirable and appreciated!!! Your knowledge of all aspects of that island and its life are amazing. I wish I could remember half of it!! Again, we can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. We are so fortunate to have heard about you, and to have had the chance to book a tour with you! A day with you is a bargain at any price, and we wish you HUGE, continued success with everything you do! Mahalo, our new friend,”
Scott and Emily Rudicel
Indianapolis, IN

(e-mail, after tour)

“….Uplifted, healed- grateful….the Healing Temple……This was an exquisite journey artfully constructed for my particular interests and needs – I plan to join Pono in the future on other inspirational journeys – Mahalo!”
Zoe Landers
Santa Barbara, CA
  Dear Pono,
“Your Passion for Hawai’i is infectious through and through, revealing the true heart and soul of this extraordinary land through its roots and traditions. I feel blessed for this time. Returning to the U.K. inspired and intrigued to return like a boomerang to drink more of Hawai’i’s passion, beauty and true basic essence for life, and being with nature-
With respect-“
Brandon Mably
London, England

“Dear Pono, Thanks again for being the catalyst for so much pleasure and richness in our time in Hawaii. Mahalo and Aloha, Zoe” (after having taken additional tours)

“..Happy, filled, peaceful….birdwatching…scooping out the rocks to grind medicine…Very knowledgeable- answers every question perfectly. Relaxing, no rush, patient with us. Showed us everything we wanted to see.”
Janice Boles-Harrington and Jim Harrington
Westfield, New Jersey

“We have gone on three excursions now, where we explored ancient Maui, the not-so-distant past Maui and modern Maui, with Barry (or Pono, his Hawaiian name.) Each day was a journey for our senses – days filled with beautiful landscapes and scenes of Maui’s yesterdays…the delicate aromas of Maui’s lovely flowers, the interesting tastes of the fruits our guide brought for snacks. We shared in the spirituality of the ancient chants Pono sang for us. What made each journey truly memorable for us, however, was Barry’s generosity of spirit, and his ability to make us feel like we were the most important people on Maui. We laughed all day and learned from Pono the true spirit of Aloha. Barry Pono Fried of Open Eye Tours, truly is Maui’s ambassador of Aloha!”
And to you, our guide: I was struck by a couple of things. One: you really do have important and special work to do. I admire what you do…the great care you take in putting together each tour…working with your clients to suggest the right locations, to selecting music, providing interesting tastings and goodies, right on down to the little gifts you give at the end of the day. Two: for the people smart enough to contact you, they come away from their time with you with little smiles and memories in their hearts and on their minds. From that day forward, every time they think of Maui, they are going to remember you and your teachings. That’s incredibly special, I think.”
A favorite client
Cleveland, Ohio

“Our guide had an incredible knowledge of the history, language, horticulture, and points of interest for the entire island chain. Truly amazing! Marriott customers deserve the best and Open Eye Tours represents the best in Island Tours.”
Mark Snyder
Marriott Rewards Customer and Timeshare Owner

“Dear Frommers,
Below is a letter we sent to Mr. Barry Pono Fried after arriving home from a recent trip to Maui and Kauai. My husband researched our trip before we left including reading and taking notes from your book on Hawaii. However, he found Mr. Fried’s tours while cruising the internet and even though we did not have corroboration from your book, we went with him anyway. I am writing to tell you that he should most certainly be included in your book and wanted to make you aware of him. I always felt your guides are the be all and end all and I assume not being aware of Open Eye Tours has just been an oversight. Thank you though for all the helpful information your publications have provided in the past and keep up the good work.”
Geri and Rob Brewster

“Dear Barry and Open Eye Tours,
The tour you gave us of your beautiful island home, Maui, was amazing. Your knowledge and insight into Hawaiian culture was imparted to us in useful and understandable ways. Even brief sidebars like the pronunciation of the vowels helped enormously with being able to read and say Hawaiian words. The trip to Hana and around the entire periphery of the island was the highlight of our trip to any of the islands. The scenic beauty was enhanced by your roadside stops to have us savor the delectable tastes of exotic fruits like the rose apple, mountain apple, and guava. Your knowledge of Hawaii’s vegetation and the distinction of native plants versus those brought in, all the names and uses, was like listening to a botanist. Your knowledge in this area is imparted to others like a gift as you encourage tastes of freshly made passion fruit juice and freshly picked figs. Your selection of CDs as well as your ukulele accompaniment from time to time made the perfect background to a perfect trip. Every stop you recommended and restaurant you selected were superb, including those on the other islands. You really know the state you have called home for more than 20 years. Continue the good work and I envy all those fortunate enough to find you as their guide.”
Geri Brewster

Great appreciation of the island, delighted, well-informed…Loved the leis…Saw many sights we NEVER would have seen on our own. Activities from water hole to making a fish- to a great local restaurant- Awesome! Was a great experience, saw many places we had not seen last time, when we toured using a tour book. Barry was great with our kids!
“Our Hawai’i trip was a thrill. thanks in LARGE part to you! I’ll send pics…one of these day! Best wishes!”
Robbie Weissenberg
Short Hills, New Jersey

“Barry not only kept our four sons, ages 15-21, enjoying easy hikes to clear, sunlit swimming pools fed by beautiful waterfalls, but also gave us the information and history to deepen our respect for Hawaiian culture, traditions, and resources. He even chanted sacred Hawaiian requests for permission to enter each archaeological and natural site…
To our guide: “Thank you for your thoughtful gifts and all the information and secrets you shared with us Tuesday…. we appreciate everything! Your chants were beautiful, the swimming spots were a BLAST (!!!) We will recommend to anyone who is going to Maui that they call you– even the drive through the taro gardens was so interesting… Our day with you was definitely a highlight of the trip.”
Marilyn & Greg Noonan and Family
La Jolla, California

“We had a great day with you. We’re still talking about the sleeping grass- so cool! – Ancient healing ground was very interesting- beautiful views from up there, too. Particularly liked the lavender farm. After the tour, felt excited, exhilarated & exhausted! Thanks so much, Barry!”
Joyce Ettinger
Woodbury, New York

“.. After the tour, we felt it was Informative, inspiring, refreshing….stand out: a sense of respect that Hawaiians had for their environment & that Barry holds as well- We particularly appreciated the chants. I really liked the trip to the pool. It was good to get the inside scoop from a local. Truly helped with planning the rest of the week. Glad we did this 1st. Thanks.”
Kim Hraca/Andy Schoenwetter
Oakland, CA

  “…Gratified, appreciative…Historical myths/legends stand out…adjusted quickly to answers from children & adults…great variety throughout the tour. VERY accommodating.”
Bubba and Sonya Lauderdale
Hammond, LA

“Barry’s tour was one of the highlights of our trip. We learned so much and saw so many beautiful sights. His personal touches to to the tour were wonderful. He was also great with our children!”
Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Helen Paulson
St. Louis, MO

  “After the tour, we felt informed, inspired, relaxed, amazed, enthralled. I particularly liked the narrative & songs, fruits, pictures. We loved everything. A lei greeting and a ceremony!! Wow!! The linguistics lessons were ‘onolicious’. The plant & tree info was essential, especially learning what to eat. Best tour I have ever taken, made more meaningful by Barry’s knowledge. We learned an enormous amount about the plants, locations, myths, legends, and history of Hawaii and Maui in particular. Barry was interesting and funny and completely sweet. He even served us food grown from his own farm, and made an angelfish out of palm fronds. Rockin’!”
Marvin Wilson and Meaghan Daly
New York, NY

“It was wonderful to drive through Hana with such a knowledgeable guide, singing Hawaiian songs & playing his ukulele. I felt very well informed; fortunate to have gone to unique places. I particularly liked the waterfall; all of the legends & stories; the history of migration to the islands; lessons in the Hawaiian language. Mahalo!”
Stacey Collins
Fox Point, WI

“Barry’s stories put me in another world.”
Teddy Bommarito, 9 years old. 
“Barry was articulate and kept us all interested. I was impressed with the history that Barry informed us of and enjoyed learning some Hawaiian words.”
Marie Bommarito 
“Barry is a 1. Botanist 2. Geologist 3. Historian 4. Hawaiian expert 5. Linguist 6. Singer 7. Poet 8. And a great guy.”
Mr. Bommarito
Boca Raton, FL

“The variety of places we saw on the island was wonderful. We went to places we would never have found on our own and are all the more enriched from this experience. You have a wealth of Hawaiian knowledge and we were fortunate enough to have you provide us with an education of this beautiful land & sea. All of our senses were enhanced by your wonderful teaching methods (songs, scenery, touch, smells, and taste.) Mahalo!”
Lisa and David Heyman and children
Plainview, NY

“Our family had a splendid day, filled with secrets & surprises. Barry is an extraordinarily knowledgeable guide who generously & graciously shared with us his love for his home island. …I felt uplifted, informed, thrilled.”
Hila Rosen
New York, NY

“This tour was the best thing that happened to us during our stay in Maui, the highlight. This was probably my 7th trip to Hawaii. I had never learned so much, we will never look at a leaf, a flower nor a plant as just ‘botanical items,’ who knows what use they have or had to man. So much learned today! The scenery was magnificent, but frankly you , Barry, make the tour what it is. You’re personable, fun, witty and you present the information in an interesting way, you explain well, then show us, and just make it all so memorable. You say so many anecdotes to illustrate your points, that one feels we will never forget what we learned. Barry, you’re the best! We’ll be telling all at home!”
La Famille Alireza
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

“We had a GREAT day today! I can’t begin to tell you all of the awesome sights we saw with our local guide Barry. I am so amazed at the things we saw. He took us to places that tourists would never find. What a cool guy he was. He took us off road to an ancient Hawaiian temple with a view of heaven…and I do mean heaven. You felt as though you could reach and touch God. We then had lunch at a small local cafe that was so far of the beaten path that only locals know about it. The highlight of the day was a trip out a dirt road to a beautiful point. We stood at the very edge of the cliffs and looked down only to find a pod of at least a hundred Pacific spinner dolphins. It was almost as though they knew we were there and they gave us a private show. It could very possibly be one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen! Even Barry was completely blown away. Mahalo and Aloha! (Thank you and goodbye).”
Mel and Rich Kenney
Wilmington, DE

“To anyone looking for a thoughtful and empathetic tour guide: thoughtful because he prepares a day ahead so that the tour is taylor-made for the needs and expectations of his clients. Empathetic because Barry has every concern for the comfort and expectations of the people on his tour. He is flexible in his planning so that extra activities discovered along the way can be experienced and time lines extended to meet these needs. My wife and I recommend Barry without reservation and can see that almost anyone would benefit from the experience. What Barry gave us was worth more than money can buy, from the legends and history of the islands, to the stories with local color, to the exquisite picnic by the beach where he played his ukulele for us, to the discovery of exotic flowers along the way; all this and views of Hawaii we will never forget. Perhaps the best way to sum up all of this is to say that my wife and I felt that we had experienced a hands on day, driving and stopping in the countryside, and we could not have asked for a better day, a more complete excursion. Barry is one of those rare people one finds while traveling who knows instinctively what his clients need and want, and is able to carry through with them from the time they are picked up to the last fond farewell.”
Jack and Judy Witt
Ashland, VA

“Hi Barry Pono. Today is our last day – boohoo! We’ve had a great time here, augmented by our time with you. We are so glad we had a personalized day-long tour of Maui with you, Barry. You deeply enriched our experience and knowledge of Maui. We learned so much about current and past Maui culture. You are a treasure trove of Hawaiian lore. We loved hearing you speak (and sing) in the native language, but most of all we loved that you imparted the Hawaiian spirit to us — love of nature, respect for others and nature; appreciation of the local natural beauty. You’re the best. And you thought of absolutely everything from the beautiful leis you put on us at the beginning of the tour, to the lovely refreshments, to the nice local music you played in the car, to the birthday dessert, to the bottle of wine and so much more. You do an excellent job, and we hope many more people will take the opportunity to see Maui through your eyes. Thank you for making our day special.”
Garrison Botts
Brooklyn, New York

“Barry had an answer for every question. A walking encyclopedia! At the end of our tour it was like Christmas! Barry gave us a box full of Maui goodies!”
Laura Stevens.

“No tour guide book could ever do justice to the day we had today. We would never have found the places Barry took us to. He is great with our children – introduced us to Guri Guri, made fish out of coconut frond – we loved the restaurant, loved the picnic supplied by Barry.”
Perri Shepard
Wilton, CT

“Barry, I’m happy to report we’re back home safe in Houston. I can’t thank you enough for the great day you spent with us. It was truly the highlight of the trip. I was telling so many people at the Ritz about it, they were starting to think I was on your payroll! I guess I was just so excited. Anyway, thanks again for the wonderful time. And please, if you ever make it to the Houston area, you’ve got a home to stay at. Please take us up on that offer one of these days. It’s not Hawaii, but we can still have a blast. Good luck with everything. I’m a firm believer that good things happen to good people…Oh, and thanks for the B-Day gift. Nice touch! Very thoughtful.”
Sal Maldonado
Pearland, TX

“Barry took the time to show us the entire east side of the island. We saw things and went to spots you only see on a movie set! He took time to educate my wife and children on every aspect of the island & its culture – The last stop we thought was a spectacular waterfall after a wonderful short walk through the jungle, which we thought would be the end of a wonderful day – But the trip on the back side of Maui home was breathtaking and we saw a part of Maui very few travelers see – Lava flows, beautiful wild grasses, flowers all with the Pacific Ocean as a constant backdrop. Thank you for a once in a lifetime day with my family! We so enjoyed the tour and the kids still talk about you and the day around the island, sampling the fruits and treats and hearing all the legends, the singing, swimming at the different waterfalls, beaches, caves…It was the highlight of our Maui stay and ranked right a top the whole trip along with our RAFT trip down the Kauai coast in and out of sea caves, seeing the incredible mountains and then having lunch on a deserted beach on the coast… both your tour and that one were both unbelievable. Your personal touch was even nicer and all the info you shared about the islands and culture. We hope many more Fairmont guests have the chance to enjoy Maui with you. I finally downloaded all of our pictures…thank YOU for taking so many of us as a family…I never get in any pictures…but thanks to you we have some great family shots together for once. I also have a video done and added a little music to it…You are quite the star in lots of it with your songs, chants, and tour! Where can I send you a copy on disk of the photos and dvd??? Please advise. Hope all is well. Thanks again from the King Family in Texas.”
Bob King, Barbra, Robert and Michelle King

“After our tour, I felt euphoric, relaxed & energized… Many of my friends and family are very spoiled and will only use private tour guides when vacationing. You are a very knowledgeable and energetic tour guide. I wish you the best of luck.”
Kim Elsberry
Kansas City, MO

“Dear Barry Pono,
You most definitely ‘walk your talk’! Everyone enjoyed the tour of West Maui. We had the rare opportunity to visit sites on Maui that were not in guidebooks, have a personalized agenda, and all of our questions from language to music to botany and culture were answered thoroughly. It is easy to see how much you know about Hawaii, care about preserving the integrity of the islands, and are passionate about sharing it with others. Bravo!”
Tracy Lyons
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“The day was perfect. Exhilarated and thoroughly satisfied, just dandy. We wanted exactly what Barry provided. He is interesting and enthusiastic. A perfect mix of teacher and guide. Thank you, Barry. We are thrilled to have chosen you. Your new friend,”
Robin Oswald
West Vancouver, British Columbia.
“We were impressed with the overall information. Particularly liked the waterfall, rain forest area . Perfect pace for our older participants. The leis were a very special touch. Great lunch place. Easy to be with. Good driving. We would do it again.”
Deana Lide
“To Jessica, Concierge! The tour was perfect- Barry is a doll, and so, so knowledgeable as you said. It was perfect. God bless you and yours always”
Lucy Gonda

“Thanks for a fabulous sunrise experience at the volcano. An extremely informative, enthusiastic adventure. Everything was perfectly timed so we could revel in the beauty of the location. We hope to return for another tour! Take care.”
Leslie & Mel Springman
Toronto, Ontario

“Barry makes the sightseeing experience truly lovely & warm & brings an even greater understanding & appreciation of Hawaii’s culture, tales & beauty. Simply Wonderful! I felt rested, enlightened, excited.”
Ina Wallman
Short Hills, NJ

“Dear Barry, thanks for your prompt remembrance. Thanks so much for sending along the supplemental documents containing further information on plant and animal life and the geology of Hawaii. The kids and all of us agreed that we enjoyed your tour very much. Your tour was one of the real highlights of our trip. It was factual and current but also benefitted from the many legends and historical facts which you recounted. Your singing and playing of native songs on the ukulele were also a hit and a great accompaniment to the tour. We would recommend your services to anyone visiting the islands. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Thanks again.”
Bill Trapp and family

“Barry is pleasant, and well-mannered. He’s a very interesting person. I felt intrigued, informed, interested. Barry was extremely knowledgeable and patient with our kids. He was great.”
Trey and Elizabeth W. Caswell
Ann Arbor, MI

“Aloha Barry!
“Thanks so much for the follow-up. The cd was wonderul – we popped it in and every evening we were serenaded as turn down service turned it on. Thanks so much. I spoke to Margaret at the Four Seasons hotel and extolled your virtues. Also we let everyone know about our wonderful day. I also spoke to the head concierge Pikake. Most appropriate word that sums up our experience is – ‘Thoughtful’. Your love for Maui comes forth in your words and deeds. From gifts, readings, tales and time every turn (how appropriate given the 364 switchbacks) was thoughtful. In a day and age when service is a rarity, it is a treat to spend a day with someone who treats his customers as guests. Mahalo. Next note – Fodors.”
Aldona Norkus & Russ

“We both were very happy with the tour. It was extremely personal & very educational. Barry really knows his stuff. We would highly recommend him.”
Jessica and David Johnson
Huntington, NY

“Ae’o birds…their location, so close to ‘civilization’, would ordinarily pass it by if it weren’t for Barry. We particularly appreciated the careful driving and vivid narrative. The pace was perfect, as well as the the educational aspects, beneficial to our Hawai’i experience. Thank you for your patience with the children.”
Joann Olsen
Dover, PA

“Fantastic, informative, gracious – I particularly liked the birdwatching. The I’iwi, the most beautiful, exquisite BIRD! The place to watch birds was ideal & Barry knew the sight and SOUND of the birds, plus the plant world, myths, culture of the island. This tour met all my expectations & more. I would recommend Barry’s tours to all my friends/anyone.”
Harriet Marble
Chester, MT

“Barry provided a unique, in-depth perspective that enlivened the day. We have a much better understanding and appreciation of Maui culture & history thanks to Barry. Definitely the highlight of our vacation. I found all of the varieties of flowers, vegetation & climate amazing. We saw much more than we could have found on our own.”
Kimberly Dempsey
Buffalo Grove, IL

“I know whomever I send Barry will feel really well taken care of. As a guide he does a great job of anticipating our needs and making us feel important. I direct family, friends, and colleagues his way whenever I can. Every one of his tours has been a memorable experience we refer to again and again. He delivers an outstanding level of personal service which is essential to professionals seeking quality and value.”
Dr. Patricia Jones-Blessman
Chicago, IL

“You did a lovely job of the tour; I found it to be very informative. It’s clear that you love the island, and it shows in your work.”
C. Radko, Designer,
New York, NY

“It ís an educational day, a day of discovery and exploration of the treasures of Maui.”
L. Spencer, Director of Guest Services, Outrigger Wailea Resort, Maui

“I am happy that I chose you to be my guide for this tour of Maui. This would be a case where surfing the internet had a positive result. I really had a great time with you as the guide. I was delighted with your knowledge of the area and with the care you put into preparing for the walk. I have reviewed the materials you gave me and found them very interesting. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. I also checked on other services to provide the experience. I am sure that I would not have been as pleased with any of them. Thanks for your interest in my well-being.”

W. Vincenti, Retired Professor, NJ

“When we take one of Barry’s tours, we always get an unexpected treasure- a piece of Hawai’i that we would have never found on our own. Each tour brings me to a new level of awareness and understanding. These are some of the most unique, special times I’ve had in Hawai’i.”
Dr. P. Jones, Clinical Psychologist,
Chicago, IL

“Your tour was the highlight of my wife’s and my trip. After our tour, all of us found ourselves mentioning facts that we had learned from you. Your format was great for our desires and we were all impressed with your desire to meet our needs. Your call two days before was just one great example of customer service. You have made us fans and believers in your skill. My wife’s parents were doubters that they would learn a lot more, but you taught them. Thank you.”
M. Andrews, Computer Technology,
Bloomington, MN

“. . . a tour with excellent food and preparation. The personal, non-commercial touch is what appealed to me, making me feel like I was a ‘somebody’ and not just another tourist. The info given was well planned and pertinent to my primary interests, but more than my mind could absorb.”
P. Darden,
Nashville, TN

“This trip is ideal for nature lovers like us who just want to get away from it all. Exploring with Barry will show you how really awesome Maui is. If you have limited time and want it to be special and eye-opening, we highly recommend an Open Eye Tour.”
K. Wright, Engineer,
Phoenix, AZ

“Here is someone who has found his Passion, loves being in his element, and genuinely wants to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. I felt energized – revitalized for days afterwards.”
B.Lau, Surgeon,
New York, NY

“We learned more about the environment and things Hawaiian than all our other 15 years of visits combined. I feel we had a rare opportunity to walk to some more isolated, undisturbed places I’ll always treasure. What a feast for the senses!”

S. Jacobs, Publisher,
San Francisco, CA

“. . . He is as fine an outdoor enthusiast as we could have hoped to find, and an excellent guide, very friendly and caring. He asked us all about what we’d wished to do and see, making sure we’d be comfortable and satisfied. We had so much fun, saw lots of interesting spots, and got just the right amount of exercise.”
E. Peres & O. Guzman, Retired Teacher and Chef,
Key West, FL

“Our tour was great! We felt refreshed, regenerated and elated. Barry was very knowledgeable and a delight to spend the day with. I would recommend this trip to anyone traveling to Maui – and already have! Thanks!! Mahalo!!!”
S. & J. Munn, Human Resources Director and Corporate Headhunter,
Cincinnati, OH    

“A truly personalized, comprehensive, and unforgettable experience! Barry is an outstanding guide who shows you an insider’s Maui. His tours include a specialized plan customized for each client. He educated,entertained,and enlightened us.  I really appreciated the personal attention.”
K. Orr & D. Cross, Beauty / Education, McKinney, Tx

“The tours are aptly named. You don’t see Hawai’i until you look at it after taking an Open Eye Tour. The migration of Polynesians to Hawai’i and the story of Pi’ilanihale Heiau stand out most in my mind.”
D. Roycroft, Educator, Chicago, Il

“The information was just right- not too much to be overwhelming & not too little to feel we got nothing out of it. I particularly liked the nature walk and the Hawaiian Homelands. This was an excellent value and we would definitely recommend your tour. Thanks- we all really enjoyed it! ”
M. Knazra, Finance, Pasadena, CA

“I feel informed and comfortable. Enjoyed all of Maui; particularly loved the secret waterfall. The tour was cool. I recommend your service to others traveling to Maui”
G. Spangler, Entertainment Promoter, San Francisco, CA

“After my tour I felt Full. What stands out most in my mind was a reverence for “growing things” and the views! The value was excellent, the pace of the tour most appropriate.”
Belle Star, Healer, Anza, CA

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