Tour Choices & Customized Options

Choose from the following themes (options for each provided upon receipt of the on-line reservation form,) or create your own:
  • Na Wai ‘Eha (The Four Waters)
  • Halfway to Hana
  • Orientation Tour
  • Road to Hana & Beyond
  • Hawaiian Culture & Nature Tour
  • Upcountry Maui
  • Local Flavors
  • Lahaina, Land of Hawai’i’s Royalty (Modified)
  • Walking Tour
  • Na Wahi Pana- Sacred Sites
  • ‘Ike Hawai’i lessons & activities
  • North Shore
  • Gardens & Farms
  • Shoreline Secrets/Scenic Wonders
  • Photography Tour
  • Wildlife & Birdwatching
  • Waterfalls
  • Honeymoon/Vow Renewals
  • Art Tour
  • Foodie Tour

Transportation: Clean, comfortable stylish new SUV vehicle (for up to 7 passengers with children)- the Honda Pilot, with all-wheel drive for extra comfort, & more leg room than any other vehicle in its class, perfect for winding country roads & off-the-beaten-path spots.

Tour Details

Your personalized day trip / land tour is available with or without walking or hiking, depending on how active and adventurous you wish to be. My private guide service is perfect for singles, couples, families, seniors, groups. Tours should reflect your special interests and needs.

Some will opt for a day of exploring exotic gardens, little tucked away villages, hidden bays, beaches, or seeing birds in a wildlife reserve.

Others would prefer a visit to ancient battle grounds, sacred sites, petroglyphs, monuments, churches, artists’ studios, and beautiful parks with endless views.

Maybe you’ve been dreaming of swimming beneath refreshing waterfalls, or you’re the type who’d enjoy a journey around the base of an extinct volcano or through tropical forests.

You might want to see as many different places as you can in one day, taking photographs, but basically relaxing and just enjoying the sites and scenery. Or, you may feel like going on some easy walks or more challenging ones. I’ll help you come up with a plan for the day that’s suited to you and works logistically.

Upon receipt of your reservation form, email inquiry, or phone call, I shall email you a menu of what you may encounter, region by region, to help you plan your special day.

All tours are with or without walking, tailored to your preferred activity level and special needs, creating an unforgettable, fulfilling day.

100% customized private tour itineraries with generous pre-tour consultation & planning for your interests & logistics. Pono has never repeated an exact tour in 35 years! The level of personalization provided is second to none. Each journey is co-crafted with you as he truly listens to ensure your goals are met.

  • Provided amenities include:
  • Seasonal homemade fresh flower lei greeting with traditional Oli lei (lei chant;)
  • Generous array of seasonal fruit  tasting from guide’s own organic farm, fresh baked goods, sampling of traditional Hawaiian items, other healthier food & drinks – enjoyed picnic style OR a local-style cafe meal (both are included on tours of 10 hours and more;)
  • Other surprises.

Tours typically range from 8-14 hours, and can sometimes extend to multiple days and to Hawai’i Island & Kaua’i Island.

Here are some examples of custom tours initiated and enjoyed by other travelers:

  • Engineers and architects wished to see traditional Hawaiian archeological sites and thatched houses, as well as loko i’a (fish ponds), period Plantation houses, mansions and plantation village designs of the early part of the 20th century.
  • Doctors and others in the Healing profession have visited a traditional Healing sanctuary, where they could see the stones used to pound medicine, and learn about the plants still grown there which have medicinal value, and enjoy the spirit-filled serenity.
  • Photography tour – geared towards photo opps to maximize the opportunity to get the shots you want. Landscapes, flowers, typical village scenes, portraits, etc. have been requested. You got to shoot less seen places off the beaten path; settings you’d unlikely stumble upon on your own! With professional photography experience and longevity in the islands, consulting with me and having me guide you is a great use of your time.
  • Request to visit several secluded beaches and shorelines in different environments around the island, searching for the perfect place to scatter a beloved’s ashes.
  • A mom and child were able to see the 3 finest private schools on the island, and executive homes within 2 miles of each school (meetings were scheduled with the admissions office for each).
  • Wildlife photographers visited wetlands, and wildlife preserves for bird viewing, upland forests to see native honey creepers, and also areas frequented by turtles and the occasional rare native Hawaiian monk seal.
  • Request to tour the oldest churches in a variety of districts on the island.
  • Folks in the music business were able to see traditional hawaiian hula implements and visit the various performance venues and recording studios.
  • Requests by families with children to learn some of the same Hawaiian Studies curriculum as the local children learn, at relevant sites, with hands-on activities throughout the day.
  • Repeat clients have asked me to show them the Big Island of Hawaii (where I lived and toured on for several years) and Kaua’i (which I have also toured for decades).
  • I’ve been requested by urban dwellers to visit the more rural and scenic splendors of Maui, both park-like settings and off-the-beaten-path serene locations.
  • Artists and designers wished to see Hawaiian Kapa (paper bark fabric made from the Wauke plant and from using natural dyes), Hawaiian print fabrics, Hawaiian quilts, Lau Hala (pandanus) weavings, tattoo designs, petroglyphs, and other crafts.
  • Japanese Hula dancers requested to visit the sites that many songs have been written about, so they could dance those songs on location (with Kumu Hula Uluwehi Guerrero in attendance, singing and playing ‘ukulele).
  • Requests by honeymoon couples and couples renewing their vows to have me perform a traditional Hawaiian blessing, with lei exchange and honi (traditional Hawaiian greeting embrace), performed at one of many heavenly locations.
  • Gardeners, plant lovers, and botanists have requested to see flower farms, lo’i kalo (taro patches), nurseries, sugar cane, pineapples, orchids, proteas, lavender, and native plants in the wild.
  • History buffs can see remnants of times gone by, including World War II elements and those from the plantation era.
  • Sample local cuisine in a variety of forms in diverse locations and settings throughout the islands.
  • Honeymoon couples and families have visited waterfalls where they might bathe in the clean pools of water and be photographed for their Holiday Card.
    Please note: A refreshing dip may be possible in select locations, but diving or jumping off rocks or cliffs in any instance is strictly prohibited on all Open Eye Tours.
  • Request to visit sacred sites and learn some of the traditional protocol associated with being at such a space, with time to reflect, pray, and meditate.

Please be advised that the National Park Service is in the process of revamping their commercial use regulations, and until such time as they shall be issuing vendor permits to independent private guides, Open Eye Tours is not able to offer any tours within/inside Haleakala and Hawai’i Volcanos National Parks. We regret any inconvenience this may cause you in your holiday planning.

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